Due to the current Verizon strike, our voicemail system is currently out of commission. If you call during our off hours and wish to leave a message, please do so via email: nolibsrec@gmail.com .

Below is text of an email from the Unified Communications Division of the City’s Office of Innovation and Technology (the folks responsible for all of our telephones and communications equipment).

This message is to inform all City agencies that as a result of the current Verizon strike, there will be significantly longer than usual delays in response to any telephone or network requests for service that involve Verizon. Verizon has implemented a work stoppage on all in-progress and planned work.
The Verizon work stoppage will also compound the current issue with the legacy Octel (citywide) voicemail system. In any situations where the City requires Verizon to make changes to implement a work-around solution for an affected voicemail system user or users will be delayed. It will also have a direct impact on the deployment of the longer term solution as we require Verizon services to complete it as well.